What I do

Vocals / Author / Composer / Singing Coatch / Designer


A3 Trio



O.p.e.n. Collectif



The Pushups


Trip Hop with Renoar Hadri





Coaching Vocal


PolyFolies Chorale


PolyPop Chorale

ChoralO Arrangements



What I've done

    I've studied music at Brussels Academy, my first instrument was the violin. But vocal came out to be my srtong suit. I also finished my studies at College of Advertising and Design in Brussels. I was hired as Art Director at Saatchi & Saatchi Compton.

    In the same period, I'm backing vocalist in several band as"Les frères Brozeurs". I participate in the album "Uncle Jack" produced by Xavier-Edouard Horemans with Michel Hatzigeorgiou on bass. I was produced by Michael Blass piano, Jan De Haas on drums, Bart De Nolf on bass and Jeroen Van Herzeel on saxophone for a jazz project at Studio Caraïbes.

    While following improvisation workshop with Fabrizio Cassol, I was production assistant on the album of Francis Caron and Kenzi.

    I was involved in projects like "Funk U" with Thierry Rombeaux on bass, "Perdido", Mainstream Jazz, "Nightwalk" Acid Jazz with Jo Maartense on Bass, "Soulfinger" pure soul with Roger Fevry, and  "The rolling Bottles" . I'm invited in several jazz festivals in Düsseldorf in Grasse with "Jogola Quintet", Jazz and Soul Standard with Franky Guetatra on Saxophones, jazz-festival Machelen with Chris Joris on percussion. Follows a period of recording on Studio with producer and bassist Renoar Hadri. We've develop a project Trip Hop Low sound recycling. Three singles were widely disseminated on the Internet and on Belgian television. Recently I worked on a record with "The Pushups" for Kris Dane. I did the tour with "The Magic Tour Woodstock" with BJ Scott and The Pushups. I give singing lessons at Blanches et Noires Music School in St. Gilles. I lead the choir PolyPop with David Stiernon and PolyFolies with Emile Shram. I've participate recently at events with the Karatokés.

What I've learn

     Sing is to be soul naked! Trust yourself and share it, U'll find real links reveal themselves.